Social Side

Social Side

Surana takes its social obligations seriously. By paying keen attention to public safety, equal opportunities and environmental standards, the company seeks to not only meet the levels of achievement that the law demands, but to surpass them. The company has in place the best pollution control equipment to keep the hazards of environmental pollution to the barest possible levels. The company's philanthropic facet can be seen in the various community development programmes it has undertaken.

1. Donation of Guest House with 12 rooms in Secunderabad.

2. Construction of Community Hall on 2 acres of land with a 6500 sq.ft. built up area in Bolarum.

3. Adoption of Bolarum town for community activity - started a library on 1000 sq.yds. of land with 2000 sq.ft. built up area.

4. Donation of a hall in Jain School, Secunderabad with a built-up area of 3500 sq.ft.

5. Built 40 residential flats for company employees.

6. Traffic Islands and Bus Shelters.

7. Patron of MEDICITI a hospital complex in the outskirts of Hyderabad.

8. Running a dispensary catering to over 6000-7000 patients every month.